Carls‐GO! Is a dedicated shuttle service within Northfield for Carleton students. Students need to
show the driver their Carleton OneCard upon entering the vehicle. Carls‐GO! can be used for rides
• community service sites
• off‐campus student work assignments
• classes at St.Olaf
• medical /dental/ therapy appointments

Carls‐Go! will not take riders to dine or shop. Please use Hiawathaland Transit Blue, Red or
Express Routes for these types of trips.

Carls‐Go! has a route component and a reservation‐based component. All Carls‐GO rides begin in in
the designated shuttle drop off / pick up area south of Davis Hall.

Routed service operates Monday‐Friday 10am‐6pm beginning week 2 of each term. No reservations are
needed for routed service. Vans leave each hour and half‐hour beginning at 10am. The route stops at:
• Sibley Elementary School
• Bridgewater Elementary School
• Northfield Middle School
• Northfield High School

Scheduled rides are available daily 7am‐9pm beginning the first day of classes each term. Scheduled
service is arranged by making an online reservation before 8pm at least one day prior to the ride.
Scheduled rides should be used for trips to:

• Sibley Elementary School, Bridgewater Elementary School, Northfield Middle School or Northfield
High Schools BEFORE 10am and AFTER 6pm Monday‐Friday
• Other community service locations including Greenvale Park Elementary School
• Off‐campus student‐work assignments
• One time or recurring medical/dental/therapy appointments

Use this link make a reservation: http: Carls-Go Reservations
Students will receive an email confirmation for each reservation received. Students must use their
campus email address ( when making their reservations. When using scheduled service,
students should make arrangements with the driver for a pick‐up before exiting the vehicle. Three
no‐ shows (failure to communicate a ride cancellation prior to pickup) for a recurring ride will
result in the loss of the remaining rides scheduled in that series

Students with urgent medical needs can receive same day service without reservations by calling